From the recording Eternity's Song

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Sometimes I’ve questioned the road that I’m on
It can seem so dark, deserted and long
But I know that God’s Word can show me the way
And His Spirit can guide me every day
I know where I’m headed but I don’t know how long
This journey will take or how many songs
I need to sing before it is through
Because one of my songs could mean something to you
Little by little, step by step, I’m on my way but I’m not there yet
I keep looking up His glory to see
As I travel this road He’s laid out for me
Now my journey started a long time ago
Before I had thought about where I would go
I almost believed what I know now were lies
I had no idea that the stakes were so high
Had I not listened when The Lord called
I’d be on the wrong road with my engine stalled
But He turned me around, gave me a start
Opened my eyes and He healed my heart
The mountains are high, the valleys are deep
The curves keep coming and the grade is so steep
I know there’s a prize for me at the end
I don’t want to go back to where I have been
Now I’m getting closer, the end could be near
But when the end comes I’m getting out of here
Heaven awaits me, never to end
The King of Kings has called me His friend
He’s called me His friend, cut my chains free
Opened my eyes so that I could see
I’ll find the way by following Him
His light increasing as the world’s grows dim