From all outward appearances Bob looks like the proverbial "Everyman." Quiet, husband, father, hard-worker and survivor! His music however, comes flying out of the deep volcanic recesses of his heart with passion and energy.”

— Pastor Keith Dickerson:


Live Acoustic Performances

“Bob Hendren has been providing for our ministry over the past several years. I highly recommend Bob with his musical talents. He is a blessing you do not want to miss.” Roger Burke, City Team

I provide high-quality live music for almost any size group or event.  For faith-based events I do all original material.  For secular programs I play a mix of my favorite radio songs with a few originals thrown in.  Playng solo means I take up a very small amount of space, can set up and break down quickly and can be flexible with dates.  You can get a quick idea of what I sound like from the 3-minute live samplers below.

You can contact me at or by phone at 503-781-5327.

Press Photos