Live Performances 

Playing by myself allows me to be very flexible.  I can come in and set up quickly in a small space with a compact PA that sounds great in spaces ranging from a medium-sized living room to a room seating up to 200 people, (providing there is not a lot of ambient noise.)  For larger venues I can hook up to the main board quickly with 2 inputs but I do like to get set up and get a sound check either way before people start arriving.  I have a larger PA but need help and more time to set it up, which also adds to the cost.  I can do house concerts, church services, special events and outdoor festivals. I’m located in SW Portland.    

Check out the sampler videos below.  If you click on the Contact link at the top you can send me a message and I will get right back to you, or email me directly at  

Public Concerts  

Here’s a 3-minute sampler of cover songs and 1 original.

Recently I have started going back over some of my favorite popular songs.  A lot of great songs have been written and some of them lend themselves to solo acoustic performances.  I’ve selected songs from all genres that I felt I could bring life to with just guitar and voice, sometimes surprising myself covering songs that I initially thought were meant only for full bands.  The bottom line is that the songs are good enough to stand on their own and in some cases, seem almost more powerful stripped down to their bare bones.  I usually throw in some of my own songs as well and can vary the mix to suit the occasion.    

Some public events have a “gospel day” or “ gospel morning” on Sunday, which are ideal for my original material.  I bring a different sound and feeling than the normal fare at these events, which can add variety to other scheduled performers.  

Christian Concerts   

Here’s a link to a 3-minute sampler of original songs on youtube.

Most of what I write is influenced by my life experiences.   My faith has a lot to do with who I am and how I view the world and it comes through in my music.  I’ve been writing faith-based songs for 45 years, so I have a pretty wide variety of topics and can often tailor a concert to suit different audiences.  I don’t write songs to get airplay, I write songs when something inspires me and inspiration comes in many forms.  I also write love songs occasionally as well as songs that are mainly for fun that can find their way into concerts when they are appropriate.   

Although my music shows the influences of the ‘60s & ‘70s, the acoustic performances have been well received by all age groups.  There is a sense of intimacy playing with just guitar and voice that is nearly impossible to achieve with a band.  Songs have to stand on their own and the words become the focus rather than showmanship.