From the recording Eternity's Song

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We’ve all heard stories from someone we knew
Describing a moment that they had gone through
When everything had changed in the blink of an eye
Some laugh as they tell it, some break down and cry
Because all that they have or all that is gone
Was decided in less time than one beat of this song
When I was a young boy I heard my Dad say
How I understood time would change some day
He said the older he got the shorter life seemed
And the time that is lost cannot be redeemed
I remember the moment but soon it was gone
It was less than a beat of my life’s young song
Like one piece of sand on the ocean floor
This life is just a fragment of a whole lot more
In the blink of an eye it will all be gone
It’s less than one beat of eternity’s song
I cannot begin to comprehend
The concept of time without an end
Or that heaven awaits me when this life is done
My passage confirmed by the gift of The Son
Let me use my time wisely before it is gone
Like a beat you heard once back when I started this song