House concerts are a great way to share music.  There is an intimacy that can't be duplicated in large settings and the comfort and lack of distractions help create a closer bond with the audience.  I had Casey Evans videotape a house concert in Manzanita last August and I think he did a wonderful job of capturing the vibe of the concert.  I've posted Nothing is New, which to the website and hope to have him edit a few more songs from the concert next year. 

I'm hoping to start doing more of these.  This concert was about an hour and a half long, with 2 sets and a snack break but even 1 set for 45-60 minutes is a great experience.

Eternity's Song CD coverMost good things take time.  They usually also take a lot of help.  My sound has evolved over 50 years of playing but the process of making this CD seemed to bring everything into a sharper focus.    

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Live Video from House Concert

live acoustic version of Who Do We Want To Be

Live acoustic version of What If That Were Me

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A live acoustic version of What If That Were Me